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Hi Sigurd,

I'd like to get your opinion on Adaptive Case Management, which aims to bring agility to reaching desired outcomes (goals). I wrote about what I think it could do here: http://marktamis.com/2010/10/27/service-agility-thru-adaptive-case-management/



Hi Mark,

yep, I know the discussions around ACM well, and I like the notion but have to admit it's limiting itself a bit.

ACM by it's own definition (here slightly expanded): "A temporary activity or sequence of activities initiated by an issue, an idea or a request, with multiple participants where the sequence of activities are directed by human knowledge to act according to the current situation and related circumstances" is a straight take on BRP (Barely Repeatable Processes)!

In my view no need to keep that definition limited to "Cases" usually started by an issue; if the source was an "idea" one could use the term "Dynamic Project Management", or for a "request" call it "Work" :)

You're right re classic BPM, it really has no hope to do real BRPs simply because it is modelling the old framework (hierarchies, rules, etc) and that quickly becomes too complex. A new architecture is required.

So yep, that's what we are doing in practice at http://thingamy.com, running and executing ACM, DPM, BRP or whatever. Modelling reality directly, independent on the current and rather old and manual workflow-framework. And that in a proper process way at the core.


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