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phil jones

Reminds me of this : https://www.useit.com/alertbox/wysiwyg.html

Isn't the problem with these sort of PUIs, though, that they prioritise, and make easy, a few stereotypical activities at the cost of making less typical activities harder?

How do you even discover how to do a non-standard BRP?

At least with a TUI you just browse through the various tools until you find one that looks like it does what you want. But what do I do with a PUI when I want to do something that it isn't already streamlined for?


Good point, and that's the thing about BRP, it's per se non-standard.

But as you say, there might be the occasional outside-of-the-flow flow-snippets, like "update project details" that should be allowed at any point: For that, we as an example' have a "flow starter" embedded in the report (list of projects) which says (Update this project object?) limited to the project owner of course.

That should not mess up the PUI + Reports (two tabs) as these kind of ad-hoc situations are predictable.

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