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John Dodds

Because companies/executives focus their attention/remuneration on individuals and these are their customers ?

Because it's easier to sell IT solutions (created for one set of circumstances) into less applicable circumstances than it is to create tools applicable to those circumstances?



good suggestions!

I would venture that old methods to framework and steer processes and work flows are based on pen and paper, meetings, budgets, deadlines and such - all seen as inevitable and unquestionable as tax and death... ;)

John Dodds

Indeed. The big productivity question is what are we going to do about meetings? ;O)


Does Enterprise 2.0 not seek to address these challenges?



in my view - that would only be partly, or when in a more critical mood (read honest), not at all.

The main issue when it comes to organisational effectiveness is how work flows are organised, how resources (people in this case) are used in relation to others - that work orders and correct information is efficiently and precisely diffused while still allowing for the best of humans - on-the-spot changes to process, creative use of resources.
So far this has been done with the help of bosses (org hierarchy), meetings, budgets, plans and so forth.

What I'm calling for is a proper IT framework that could replace the human based hierarchies etc - and there E 2.0 fails totally. Not much process engines therein and sadly utterly siloed as well. Yet another stab at supporting organisations based on age old models developed pre IT - and that will never yield anything better that slightly more efficient old methods, still being old methods.

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