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I very much liked that demo, Sig. imple and powerful enough to support most real world issues.
I would probably consider adding the option to bother people whenever issues are waiting for their attention, thou. Something like pinging their PDA's, iPhones, or whatever. Bypassing e-mails, as everybody gets just too many to pay attention to 'em anymore.
Waiting for pepope to log into a systems supposes a "setting" which is not always actual.

All in all: absolutely GREAT framework, as usual. Possibly to be combined with a PDA client, pinging you that an issue needs attention.

See you soon :-)


Thanks Luca! :)

But of course - there is (hidden for the time being) an email setting interface in the builder interface for tasks so you can set text to be sent and so forth.
Not far from there to SMS either, and RSS is a breeze.

The reason why it's not implemented is the need to set up the server for it - and that's not so practical when doing lightweight demos and pilot implementations! But it'll be there...

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