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Tomi Itkonen

Heh, that deck was like a trailer for Thingamy. Coming Spring 2010 - be prepared! ;)


Hehe, I did warn you! :D

But look, no logo, sneaky or what?

But not 2010, now already for the brave! Governments and the rest would be followers ;)

Tomi Itkonen

Yep, sneaky like a teaser ad.

Ok, Thingamy early adopters are already implementing it.

The presentation clearly states value advantage of managing BRPs. And now it's a perfect time for new, innovative solutions...


yet another interesting post sig... and nice to see an attempt at the "old school tools" ;)

one point it brings to mind though is this:
both your main argument about efficiency and about BRP involve a mindset that allows for innovation and in particular allows for killing off of old processes and ideas.

to the vast majority of government departments, the idea of killing off a project, group of even whole department is unthinkable.

how can thingamy and the thinking around it be used to not only promote the new and best BRPs but to help kill off the worst ones??


Good point Doug...

Just like the best way to compete is to make your competition irrelevant - make the old structures and ways irrelevant! Don't challenge, just walk around...

I.e. I would not even suggest to disband the old structures, let the new framework "pretend" they're still there, virtualise them, then let the users find out there is no need for the old framework and let it go. Actually probably not give it much of a thought, and then over time just forget they ever existed at which point you do not need to virtualise them any more :)


I really apreciate your advice about those...


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