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phil jones


This is exactly what I saw at my last employer. We built a system that streamlined the workflow, only showed what was relevant to the users when they needed it rather than make them browse or search for the relevant items.

And, yes, they threw it out and forced us to write an emulation of their existing paper-document based system instead.


There you go, and sadly it'll not be the last time that reaction comes up either!

It's pretty crazy though, we all like "getting into the flow" when that happens (guess that's why we have hobbies!), we like it when somebody takes charge and conducts the ongoing so we do not have to bother about remembering all and do I hear complaints about overfilled email inboxes and hard-to-navigate information repositories?

There is a silver lining in this (there always is) - I'm a believer that the first ones who move to a natural workflow will find a huge jump in profitability, employee satisfaction and all other good things - in essence win over their competition. Thus the reward will be huge even if it takes a bit of getting used to... although I think the getting used to will be much easier than they think.

I'm learning every day!

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