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Dannie  Jost

Sig, your two bits and a half on freedom and structure make for a good read. To me freedom and structure are like the ying and yang that make for harmony. I mean the kind of harmony that is fun and flows, that is active without being forced, the kind of harmony that makes you feel alive and playing. I do not mean harmony as stead-state flatliners dead and decomposed. Life is a game, Confucius would have said.


nice article i will have to check beack here from time to time for updates


Hello there,

I've just discovered your blog (from Hugh) and I quite enjoy it. However, I'm afraid this post is not really convincing.

I strongly disagree with the following bit :

"So why not do as the footballers do? I get the ball and that's when I spring in action and do what I'm best at (whatever that is) as fast as I can (however fast or slow that is). The ball is forwarded to another player who then does his bit, back and forth until an opening, fast through and into the net (hopefully) while everybody see everything that happens".


The best for the team is for you to commit to whatever you agreed with the team : it may be running and crossing the ball, it may be defending, it may be playing in the middle of the park, it may be on the wings.

We all have witnessed major drawbacks for teams that are just a set of individuals against teams with a real collective project agreed on beforehand ...

Quite excited by this blog, though.



thanks for the kind words!

An important point for the above paragraph (that is not quite clear) is that previous player in a sequence (a process is sequential) will choose "who to forward to" at that point-of-time and with all information available. In other words the individual player is chosen as much as he would have been in a meeting, but now situation-dependent and just-in-time. And hopefully the best one. That said a good framework can set "rules" as to what players can be chosen of course, just like it happens on a field - defence, offence etc.

What you point to there is exactly what makes the difference from the current framework and what could be a better framework: The current one is dependent on "setting a team" and "distribute tasks" up front - alternatively I root for a framework (and that is what Thingamy is about) where choice of assignee can change as the game/work progresses making the choice better as on the football pitch - who's where, who's ready...

(In other words also quite different from a "sandbox" type work environment like a Wiki where the player chooses to pick up and is not chosen for the particular task.... but that's another story discussed in another post :))


Hi Sig,

Thanks for the reply.

I need to have a deeper look into Thingamy. This sounds quite exciting.

From a footy perspective it reminds of the FC Nantes team that won Le Championnat back in 94/95 with a brilliant team and one principle : always pass the ball to a running player, not a still or walking one. What a great football team that was.


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