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Marilyn Pratt

"knowledge work, creative work, would be hampered by structure" Structure creates the framework in which creativity abounds. Some of the most poignant and moving pieces of art, greatest examples of literature, lastingly beautiful music, were generated within the "confines" of structure. Creativity and framework are definitely not mutually exclusive.



absolutely right - did the constraints of a canvas ever stop great work of art? :)

Could argue that it's easier to let the mind completely free when there is structure and even constraints - something that delivers an environment free of distraction; when you do not have to worry about remembering things to do, when you know your work is moved into the right hands, when there is due process... while at the same time your creativity is not "scheduled" as in events set before previous event was even started.

In other words: What you create is decisive for the process, you create the process, no distinction between process and task-at-hand. Path and sequence is dependent on every task - and obviously that's a tad unpredictable and barely repeatable - while still very much a process...

Riverbed instead of pipeline :)

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