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Balaji Sowmyanarayan

Listeners Choice:
1) How can SAP make Enterprise and (especially) Small Biz more Mashable? [Assumption: Making your biz Mashable as a strategy will 1) enhance capacity utilization, 2) help as a efficient, low cost biz development method]
2) How can SAP users increase the 'Serendipity' within their supplier and customer community?

More detailed discussion on this by my customer at:
[Aside, If you keenly watch, you will see Thingamy logo in the Push vs Pull video in the link above!]


Balaji, issues added to my list!

Hey, how cool, I could see the "logo"!

UPDATE: Allow me to "bake" your two questions into mine as follows:
1) If the systems were able to handle "barely repeatable processes", well then I'm sure it also includes flexibility and small business capability. As you know, I'm not that into "mashable" as we tinker with a more holistic approach were mashing up existing apps does not make it...
2) Serendipity requires (at least!) easy availability of data, flexibility (see 1) and perhaps most important - provocation! Think I will get to that through my three questions. But will expand if necessary when prodding around!

Balaji Sowmyanarayan

Nicely put - data flexibility and sexing it up ( add- sans consultants? ) is the way to go!
Let me clarify the mashable in my wish list bit: I'm talking about mashability of the (small) biz as such rather than the mashing of apps within the biz.
An ERP package can help selectively expose parts of workflow as API. Perhaps the most basic commodity offering's workflow can be exposed as API. Now it is no longer a commodity offering. The API will (potentially)be consumed by an off beat user and Ta Da! The off beat user got what she wanted without friction. And the (small) biz got a new customer doing nothing - and their capacity got utilized. Thus API is the new shop window with an instant checkout! An ERP software can (potentially) open a handful or hundreds of shop windows just by turning a few knobs and dials.
For instance, for my customer in printing industry, API exposing their commodity offering viz., biz card repeat printing (order) workflow, will save everyone involved a lot of hassles.
SAP as someone who has an handle on the inside workflow and as someone who 'Gets' the outside(net/web, the fast changing social media landscape for instance) is in best position to bake in (small biz)API exposure as part of the product.
In short, an ERP software has a potential to democratize the API wave. My question: Is the lion still busy being an API pimp rather than an API publishing game changer?

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