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Hi Sig, thanks for the linkage :-)

Thoughtful post. I'm not familiar enough with SAP to comment, but I can certainly see where you are coming from with the general intrusiveness / adherence to rules of some organisations, and customer facing self-confidence of others.

Hope to catch up with you soon.

Johnnie Moore

Hi Sig, great post. Another little "tell" I notice is when I'm going to meet someone high up in an organisation. If the underlings feel the need to "brief me" on this person's personality, that's almost always a bad sign.


Guys, thanks!

Yep, I think there are a million little signs - in both directions - and luckily we humans are pretty good at detecting them, it's like "corporate body language" :)

Methinks that we should be even more conscious about it, after all we plonk our money down (as customers, suppliers or employees) with the hope the company will have a bright future. Not much hope for that if corporate self-confidence is low, that much we've seen time over with individuals.

Thomas Otter

See you in Vienna I hope...


But of course I'll be in Vienna! :D

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