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John Dodds

So you don't have to sweat the small stuff!

To keep it simple, stupid!

So you can go with the flow!


Hehe, thus spoketh the true Man: "To beat the shit out of" is "going with the flow", excellent! :D

Thomas Otter

What race was that?
time to plan the next ride.



that would have been the "Birken" a 92 km cross-country MTB thing in late August, and as you can see, my trusted Cyclocross did the job nicely. (The image is just before finish going down the Olympic freestyle arena in Lillehammer)

Link: http://www.birkebeiner.no/ritt_eng/

It's a bit crowded (10,000) but real fun unless the weather is bad which happens up there :)

Yes, we should start planning next year's... Especially if we're aiming for a spring thing, the time of the year when most northerners wants to get out on the streets again!

We need to fresh up the wiki, do a post to invite ideas, have some ideas, do some fact finding... :)

Hey, maybe we'll do a "special group" at Birken... that's a venue most would ever get to! But then we'd better start now as they open for inscription in February and is usually filled up within a day or two (but foreigners have more time) - I could organise the rest.

Thomas Otter

I think we need a work off the christmas pudding cartoon from Hugh, and a big push in January. I need something in the diary to train for, otherwise I'll just drink red wine all winter.

I like the idea of a classic TdeFrance hill or two, but the Norwegian thingy also seems cool.

One day I would like to do the CAPE EPIC.

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