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Thomas Otter

nice aero position though, and the helmet looks really cool. And unlike mr Ulrich, you don't do it for a living...

Maybe we should organise a ride up Ventoux or Alpe d'Huez. It seems there are a lot of bloggers who ride. make some sort of donation to a charity for the pleasure of 2 hours of serious pain.


Thomas, what a splendid idea! Mt Ventoux is one of my favourites - and a definite must for any cyclist!

Will do a post when back from Reboot! And if anybody has some experience in organising charity rides, please pitch in!

I'll organise the rest...

Hamish, you're on, Sarah, ditto! (BTW, might be showing Sarah the way up Col de Vence on Sunday in fact :) )

(Gonna start to train Hugh for next year ;) ...hehe)

p.s. Mt Ventoux from bedoin is 21 kms, 1609 meter elevation, 7.63% on average - and the record is just under the hour...

Thomas Otter


Hopefully doing Grand Ballon and the Ballon d'Alsace in Alsace on Sunday. nice bit of history attached to those...

Enjoy reboot.

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