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Following your blog with great interest. You may want to read Joel on Software. The Development Abstraction Layer may give you some valuable insight into the traditional business model.


Randall, that's certainly a good one! Joel is always good in fact...

His post is worthy of any number of spins... hmmm.. have to let that one linger a bit :)

Jeff the Poustman

Sig, updates! :D Want to know how it went!


Jeff, curious now eh? :D

Summer came so not much happened then which I appreciated as we kept on developing, but we have started trying out some ideas with the potential customer now - and having fun while doing it!

I cannot think of anything better, more useful and fun at the same time to spend time questioning existing process structures and tinker with new ideas with potential end-users! Hopefully they'll feel a snippet of the same

So you will have to wait a bit for more news as pushing is definitely not what we're up to - this stuff needs time and playing and trying and sleeping on to get ideas etc. Then hopefully it will catch on and things starts rolling - we're there to help and prod so they can have a chance to better their business, we're not there to "sell" in the old pushy sense :)

Jeff the Poustman

Fair enough! :) Curious is right-- the stories are great.

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