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Lee Bryant

Hi Sig,

I didn't come to LIFT - I thought I would break my ankle instead: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alihodza ;-)

I sympathised with you on video- live demos of unfinished products are very brave - but I thought it went OK.

Hope it inspires you to "finish" the system - would still love to see it.


Lee, ouch!

And I thought "break a leg!" was supposed to be encouraging, hmmm... me and foreign languages :)

Not that much left now before we are at a first release candidate, twenty to-dos left this morning.

Good fun playing with the stuff, and good is that, boring software puts me off... and being male, manuals are for sissies so I really need that play-and-learn-factor built in :D

Will warn you when I'm next in London and mend you ankle now!

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