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I see you gave them the "smug-smile-laughing-at-Ric-and-Doug-while-in-the-Alps"
photo for your bio!
Hope it goes well for you - I'm STILL interested in knowing more about Thingamy BTW.

Dennis Howlett

SO when do we get to play with this Sig?


Well guys, I have build 2.0.24 (so what's in a name :)) compiled for OS X just now, and a 20 point to-do list... It works, lacks a bit, have a few bugs just now.

So it's a bit of - how geek are you guys? :)

(In truth, a couple of under-the-hood things would be nice to fix - makes building and changes easier when you first do the try-and-fails..)


How geek? Well - I don't do hardware, and I don't profess to being a hacker, BUT I can run my own Linux box, do Unix at work, can play with Python/Perl/PHP etc, run Apache, JBoss, MySQL and Eclipse IDE ... geek enough for Thingamy?

Dennis Howlett

Still not saying when Sig....been waiting a loooong time...


oops, hiding behind the desk here :)

I can show you now, next week, the week after... it works, you can run your favourite firm or whatever with accounts and all.

Today I think I'd like to do it over a beer (still a few quirks that needs a bit of introduction), next week or the week after it'll be easier to try on you own - though with some hand-holding. Completely-solo version including short "manual" in about six weeks I think...

Have only a OS X version now, but will get around to compiling some Linux and Wintendo versions...

You ever up in London? Perhaps some coordination and we could do the beer there, give you an intro, leave with an executable for further playing... or we could pester Steve in Carcassonne and have him buy the beers? :D

(In a few weeks he'll be firing up his test equipment and do some load testing on ours... supect a few rounds for each "oh shit, that early?" hitting-the-walls...)

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