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Curt Wehrley

Seems you're suggesting that the bank do things to improve the customer's experience. That sounds like the work of an artist.

I'm a recovering engineer/statistician, currently re-discovering my right-brain skills thanks to Dan Pink and his new book "A Whole New Mind." I've worked with my share of left-brain oriented folks (a group which includes the banking & finance types). Most have minds which are just not built to think about re-designing their business from a customer experience perspective.

If the 21st century does become the century of the artist (as Pink proposes), then most businesses will eventually have to change in order to keep up with the early adopters who re-invent their business from the customer's perspective, and rise to rule their market. That change will require new business processes, which will require new technology.

That may be what a solution like Thingamy becomes all about: enabling businesses to deliver great experiences for both customers and employees. The artistic type re-designs business processes to enhance customer experience, and the left-brain person customizes Thingamy to support those new processes.

By the way...I like the new personal photo! I hope to ski those Alps one day.

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